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1. I was a CHIN shareholder prior to the merger. How does this change affect me?

This change will not impact your investment. ICBCCS will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day portfolio management as the fund’s Sub-Investment Manager. KraneShares will now be the primary Investment Manager, and investors will have access to KraneShares' global China-focused investment team and client services.

2. Are there any changes to the investment strategy or structure of the fund?

No. The investment strategy remains the same, and the structure of the fund has changed from SICAV to ICAV, but that has no impact on the rights of the shareholders, which remain the same.

3. Has the ISIN changed?

Yes, the fund was previously registered in Luxembourg but is now registered in Ireland (ICAV), which requires the issuance of a new ISIN. This change will not impact your investment.

Old ISIN: LU1440654330

New ISIN: IE0001QF56M0

4. On what global stock exchanges is the fund available?

ExchangeTickerCurrencyListing DateSEDOLISIN
London Stock ExchangeCHIN LNUSD16/Oct/2023BQXHZD7IE0001QF56M0
London Stock ExchangeCHIP LNGBP16/Oct/2023BQXHZD7IE0001QF56M0
Deutsche Börse XetraCHIN GYEUR16/Oct/2023BQXHZD7IE0001QF56M0
Borsa ItalianaCHIN IMEUR16/Oct/2023BQXHZD7IE0001QF56M0

5. When did this change take effect?

This change occurred on October 13th, 2023.

6. Who can I reach out to? 

Please contact our representatives with any additional questions or concerns:

Main Email: [email protected]

Head of International, Dr. Xiaolin Chen. Email: [email protected]

Head of Italy, Paolo Iurcotta. Email: [email protected]

Head of European Sales, Sjef Pieters. Email: [email protected]

Director of Business Development, Henry Reece. Email: [email protected]

7. Where can I get more information?

Please visit our fund page for additional information and important documents:

Please read our press release: