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KraneShares Thematic Webinar Series: Key Growth Drivers to Watch in China and Globally

With COVID-zero behind us, the focus in China is back on growth. Knowing which thematic opportunities are poised to take center stage is more critical now than ever for investors. In this webinar series, our panel of experts will dive into four of what we believe are the brightest areas for investors in China.

16th March
3:00 pm GMT
Investing in China’s Rising STAR Market - KSTRChina's STAR market targets companies poised to be future leaders across industries that could represent the growth engine of China for decades to come.
Speaker: Derek Yan, CFA - Director of Investments
30th March
3:00 pm BST
Capturing Broad Exposure in China A-Shares - KA50There may be advantages to holding the largest, most liquid stocks in China's A-share market, which receive most foreign interest and inflows and may benefit from increased global investment in China’s onshore market.
Speaker: Brendan Ahern - Chief Investment Officer
13th April
3:00 pm BST
Electric Vehicles: A Multi-Decade Opportunity - KARSAccessing the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) market through global companies that operate across the entire EV ecosystem.
Speaker: Anthony Sassine, CFA - Senior Investment Strategist
27th April
3:00 pm BST
Accessing the World's Second Largest Healthcare Market - KURECapitalizing on the structural upgrade of China's healthcare system as the country adjusts post-COVID.
Speaker: Henry Greene - Investment Strategist

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