China Internet’s Next Leap: 5G, Cloud Services, & The Metaverse

Winter 2022 China Internet Earnings Report

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Theme Highlight:

As regulatory headlines dominate the news cycle, it can be challenging for investors to look beyond the near term in China’s internet sector. As a result, a monumental leap has largely gone unnoticed. With China’s expansion of its 5G wireless networks mainly in place, peak internet penetration for China’s population is now within reach. China’s internet platforms are adjusting their business models to suit, focusing on deriving more value from existing customers rather than user growth at all costs. In this environment, AI, cloud, and metaverse initiatives are flourishing.

Report Highlights:

  • China’s internet regulation cycle nears its end
  • Volatility in China internet names in 2021 created an attractive entry point for long-term investors that has continued into 2022
  • An overview of how China’s leading internet companies are diving into 5G, cloud services, and the metaverse
  • The addition of Full Truck Alliance into KWEB

China Internet Sector Earnings Report Content:

  • Subsector Analysis
  • Theme Highlight: China Internet’s Next Leap: 5G, Cloud Services, & The Metaverse
  • KWEB Top 10 Holdings Earnings Update

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Full Truck Alliance (3.35% of KWEB Net Assets as of 10 Feb 2022)