China’s Stealth Bull Market Underscores China is Not a Trade & Second Half Market Outlook

At the end of May 2020, market sentiment around China dipped. The US Senate passed a bill that could jeopardize Chinese companies’ US listings, and the viability of the Phase 1 trade deal was in question. One month later, investors brushed away the doomsday headlines, and China is now enjoying a formidable bull market that few were anticipating.

By the end of June, China’s markets demonstrated their resiliency and delivered strong performance. The speed and intensity with which markets rose left many feeling like they may have missed the boat. In our view, when it comes to investing in China, it is not about whether or not you missed the boat, it is about being on the boat in the first place! We believe that investors often treat China as a tactical trade, and miss out on the performance and diversification benefits of holding China as a long-term strategic allocation. 

Join KraneShares investment professionals Brendan Ahern and Dr. Xiaolin Chen as they explore:

  • Why China is not a trade: China equity market characteristics that support holding it as a core portfolio allocation.
  • Does the China bull have legs? Potential catalysts that could drive China’s mainland A-shares higher.
  • Why investors are only now realizing that Chinese internet companies are significant beneficiaries of the post-COVID world.

About the Speakers

Brendan Ahern
Chief Investment Officer

Brendan Ahern joined KraneShares in June 2012 to head the firm’s efforts in becoming the leading provider of China-focused exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Chinese investment education for US clients. Since early 2001, Brendan worked for one of the largest global ETF providers where he was an original member of the business development team. His “from the ground up” experience at a global ETF provider allowed him to become intimately acquainted with all aspects of the business. His expertise spans product development, marketing, branding, business strategy, operations, portfolio management, trading, and client execution.

Dr. Xiaolin Chen
Head of International

Xiaolin is a Managing Director, Head of International of KraneShares based out of the United Kingdom. Xiaolin oversees investment solutions and strategy efforts and manages the firm’s business outside of the United States. She has extensive experience in both London and New York developing and managing investment solutions to help clients meet a wide range of investment targets and objectives. Xiaolin has covered clients across EMEA, Asia, and the United States and has in-depth onshore and offshore multi-asset investment solution knowledge.