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2019 KraneShares Institutional Investor Conference Overview

The opening up of China’s capital markets and greater weight of Chinese securities within global indexes are triggering massive inflows into China’s economy. We believe that simply reading the news about China’s economy and financial market does not provide the unique insights gained through experiencing China first-hand.

Walking the streets of China’s vast cities, speaking with local experts, and touring the headquarters of the country’s most innovative companies allows investors to truly realize the remarkable transformation taking place in China.

We launched KraneShares Institutional Investor Conference, held annually in different cities throughout China, to provide on-the-ground access and insight into the profound changes shaping the trajectory China’s economy and financial markets.

The 2019 conference, which took place October 13-18th, was set in Beijing and Shanghai. Featured speakers at the conference included high-level executives and industry leaders from both the public and private sphere. Clients attended on-site visits to some of China’s leading technology, healthcare, and lifestyle companies. The trip included a dinner gathering on The Great Wall as well as other sightseeing opportunities.

Below is an overview of the 2019 conference agenda:

Day 1: Conference at Beijing Kerry Hotel​

  • China Macro Outlook
  • Investing in China's Public/ Private Markets
  • Geopolitical Situation, ESG, SOE Reforms
  • Among the featured speakers was Former President of China Investment Corporation (CIC), Former CEO of China Investment Capital Corporation (CICC), and Head of Investment Management Business of CICC.

Day 2: Company Visits​

  • DiDi: a world’s leading transportation platform headquartered in Beijing. It focuses on app-based transportation services for 550 million users across Asia, Latin America and Australia.
  • MeituanDianping: China’s leading e-commerce platform mainly for food delivery, ride sharing and other lifestyle services. It covers 2800 cities and countries across China
  • Great Wall Dinner

Day 3: Sightseeing & Departures to Shanghai

  • Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City​
  • Shanghai High Speed Train

Day 4: Shanghai Stock Exchange & Company Visits

  • SAIC-GM Production Line​
  • Emerging AI and Healthcare Companies
    • Iflytek: an AI company in China engaged in the research of core technologies such as language, machine learning and reasoning, and it is recognized by its advanced technology internationally.
    • ShanghaiPharma: a leading healthcare company in China. In 2018, SPH reported revenues of US$23.6bn, making the company one of the country’s major forces in the industry.